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106 plays This Guy's in Love with You Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Beat of the Brass

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Generally, this is where I unfollow someone.


Best Motivational Pictures I’ve ever seen

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Art on your sleeve: Classic works of art reinvented as classic album covers, Christophe Gowans

  1. Duchamp
  2. Venus de Milo
  3. Munch
  4. Magritte
  5. Vermeer
  6. Da Vinci
  7. Van Gogh
  8. Van Gogh
  9. Sir Henry Raeburn
  10. Franz Kline


I’ve given consideration into becoming a Tumblr camwhore for much-needed cash, but the chub-cub/bear market does not seem profitable at this point in time.

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